Chrome Nails

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Chrome Nails

Chrome Nails are the coolest nail polish trend of 2017. Using super metallic and foiled-finish nail polishes, this technique is sure to give a chrome mirror effect to your nails. And the coolest part about this kind of nail treatment is that the chrome is rubbed onto your nails — it’s not actually a polish. This, therefore, will make your nails literally shine like a glass with an effect that lasts for about 3 weeks.

Why you should do Chrome Nails

  • The shiny glassy effect is easy to apply on natural or artificial nails and lasts 2-3 weeks.
  • Perfect for rocking the disco vibe for a shorter amount of time.
  • Enjoy the magic of a smooth, bump-free reflective surface extracted right from a powder.
  • Perfect for those who are afraid of nail art. Chrome nails are neither created by a foil sticker nor does it come out of a polish.

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