Stick-Ons Nails

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Stick ons

Re-imagine everything you know about stick-on nails and let’s have fun sticking some new designs on your nails. We understand that painting your nails can take up to twenty to thirty minutes with the drying time. To save you time, we always recommend stick on to our customers who have busy schedules.


Why Stick –On Nails?


  • Stick ons wears like nail polish because it is actually nailed polish that you stick on your nails.
  • It’s cheap, fun and saves you a great deal amount of time.
  • You can easily peel the color off when you don’t want it anymore.
  • Recommended to people who have a difficult time painting their nails, or for people who want to sport a super intricate design that can’t be done freehand or by stamping.

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